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13. Mar 2023

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A new inbox (for games)

With your new inbox, you get four games to play with each other, in rounds. All played rounds are listed in a folder, it's fun.


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20. January 2023 (2.4)

Groups (New)

Rewind: With your new inbox, you can send and receive round-based games

The idea for the games and inbox is for you to *create* with each other, to share joy, a thought and beauty in daily rounds. Imagine each game as a ”creative canvas”.

Word game: Find out the wordplay

Drawing game: Finish the artwork

Question game: Solve the quiz

Moodboard game: Finish the theme

Each game round has two sides, the part you create (send out) and the part to play/ solve...

And, all played rounds are listed in a friend folder...

Now, imagine the friend folder is a community folder, others can subscribe to and receive rounds from...


With your @group, a folder for many, you can play rounds with your subscribers.

An example

Imagine sending a round of the Moodboard game. Every subscriber has the chance to finish the theme with their idea, it's magic.

How it works

  1. Open your inbox @username
  2. Create a @group to subscribe to
  3. Create & send out the first round (all of your subs will receive the round)
  4. Check out the beautiful results and answers, from all played rounds

Group (subscribed)

F ✏️ from The Trees (Moodboard)

Whether you curate a moodboard, work on your brand, or cups in a café, you can send out daily joy to others in the form of a game round. And receive back joy from others and their answers, along the way.

Groups, we imagine:




Moodboards/ Communities

Engage with your community through daily rounds of your content...


Share news, content and questions with readers in daily rounds...

Cafés/ Stores

Provide a joyful/ playful insight into your everyday work through daily rounds...

Brands/ Orgs

Give an insight on the work behind your brand or project in daily rounds...


Students/ Creators/ Vlogs

Daily rounds along your (Fashion) studies, the city, your moods...



A private group for your friends, where everyone can share rounds...

Ways to introduce a group:

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