It's four games for you to send and receive beauty. To create & play together with a friend or group. Rounds last 24h (always fresh, always new) and need to be planted.

Play the Moodboard, Word, Drawing and Question game:

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The idea for the games is to create & play with each other. To send and receive beauty in cooperative, communicative games. It's everyday games (joy), sent to each others inbox.


A-tree is based on the studies and concept of „Mingei” by Sōetsu Yanagi, with pattern, intuition and beauty as our three pillars. Especially, the way Yanagi described beauty is deeply considered in our day-to-day work.

Pattern: The round, E 🍵, A 🏷️, C 🍶

Intuition: The game to plant (solve)

Beauty: The shared thought

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