What is A-tree?

Everyday games. With friends. Or in other words, four game canvases to play on - in rounds.

Meaning, you either create or receive a game to play. And, each round wants to be planted like ”A-tree”.

You can moodboard 􀑯, draw 􀒋, wordplay 􀅰 and quiz 􀋴 together. And, while playing you both grow a creativeness score in a folder, it's fun!

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A folder counts planted, missed and sent rounds in a score

Why games?

A-tree is based on the idea of „Mingei” by Sōetsu Yanagi, with pattern, intuition and beauty as our game pillars.

We seek pattern in a round's heading like E 🍵, A 🏷️, C 🍶. It requires intuition to plant a round. And, beauty is the thought you share with a friend.

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