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Everyday Games.

With friends.

How-to play

Moodboard, Wordplay, Draw and Quiz with a friend or the community. Four games in your pocket.

Create or receive a game to play. 24h left, each game wants to be planted like ”A-tree”.

2.5.4. is the latest version of A-tree introducing a ”Help me” button in game creation. The games are based on the idea of „Mingei” by Sōetsu Yanagi, with pattern, intuition and beauty as their pillars.


Why four games? 􀁌

Each game sparks something different in your mind. It's like a canvas for you to express a thought, with a friend, in a playful way.

How long lasts a game? 􀁌

Each game lasts 24h in your inbox. Always fresh, always new.

How to plant a game? 􀁌

To plant (solve) a game, you e.g. need to find out a wordplay or solve a quiz. Your folder creativeness score grows when you plant a game. A folder lists played rounds with a friend in a score.

How can I invite a friend? 􀁌

You can invite your friend, in-app.

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Four games in your pocket, to play with friends. On iPhone.

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